The Phylomatic service (previously at is shutting down on 2021-11-01

The time has come (after 20 years) to release the domain ā€˜phylodiversity.netā€™. I will also be shutting down the phylomatic (Webb & Donoghue 2005) online web service. I am aware how useful it has been, and that it has been built into various other tools, but I need to downsize a bit. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you, and invite you (during 2021-22) to contact me for assistance with other phylomatic options.

The best/easiest option is now to use the standalone CLI version. Other options are: 1. the command line phylomatic program that is bundled with phylocom. This is limited to smaller output trees. Or 2. install the Phylomatic Web Service on your own local computer or server. Iā€™m also working on a native R interface.

2022-04-28: A docker version is now available.

2022-10-12: I recently discovered that an unknown agent has (legitimately) bought the domain, but is illegitimately hosting old, depreciated web pages at the site, including the initial page of the Phylomatic web service (but the service is not working). There is nothing I can do to fix this! Sorry for any confusion.