2001-11-08 to 2021-11-08

After 20 years, I am shutting down ‘’. The tagline was “a permanent home for biodiversity, systematics, phylogenetics, and bioinformatics research”... well not quite permanent, but it had a good run! I started while I was a postdoc at Yale, with encouragement from Michael Donoghue. Thanks to all who contributed to the site and to the community (including Chuck Bell, Will Cornwell, Kyle Dexter, Michael Donoghue, Amy Driskell, Dianella Howarth, Brian Moore, Charlie Nunn, Rick Ree, Richard Winkworth, Amy Zanne, Jinlong Zhang). And thanks to all who visited!

You can still see old versions of the site via the Internet Archive (please consider supporting IA). For new homes for resources see: phylomatic & phylocom.

“phylodiversity: the evolutionary component of biodiversity”

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