Using iNaturalist for sharing collection data

Since I first really looked at iNaturalist as platform for sharing research data (see this 2015 blog post), the site has continued to increase in sophistication and good design. While I am here visiting Tet Yahara’s lab, we have been discussing ways to get his biodiversity data online. He plans to share collection and plot data via GBIF, but also is interested in sharing images of some of the 30,000+ collections they have made, and has decided to try sharing via iNaturalist. There are pros and cons of using iNaturalist for scientific collections. Some pros:

And a few cons:

I’ve been involved with the design and programming of three web apps for sharing biodiversity data (xmalesia version 1, xmalesia version 2, and an Indonesian citizen science platform), so clearly I am prone to nothing exists to do exactly what I want so I’ll make a new thing’ way of thinking (!), but in the case I’m ready to let others do the work, and there are work-arounds for the shortcomings I list above.