Trip to Kyushu

Yahara-san and team APBON samples 2011-2015 (figure: T. Yahara 2015)

Yahara-san and team APBON samples 2011-2015 (figure: T. Yahara 2015)

It is my pleasure to be visiting Prof. Yahara and members of his lab at U. Kyushu during Oct. 2017.

I have long been in awe of the work they have done sampling forests in SE Asia since 2011, having myself only sampled five locations in the time it has taken them to do ~35! They have made over 30,000 collections, of over 21,500 taxa. See their SE Asia tree guides, and other publications. This presentation by Prof. Yahara in 2015 gives an overview of their excellent work.

Prof. Yahara has kindly invited me to visit his lab. I will also be giving a series of lectures to students in the biology department, and some seminar talks. A key reason to visit Prof. Yahara’s lab is to discuss methods to share the project’s data. See here for a post on using iNaturalist for such a purpose.

Notes on Japan



The town where I’m staying - near(-ish) to the Ito campus (30 min cycle ride, 60 min walk, 40 min (walk)-train-shuttlebus). I love this place! I had booked an AirBnB apartment overlooking the bay, and am so glad I did. It’s great. Many thanks to Koutaro-san for being such a friendly and helpful host. I’d come and live here for a month or more in a flash! Highlights of Imajuku:


Of course, Japan is a food-lover’s paradise. Some highlights: