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Hey! I am a rising Senior at Harvard, concentrating in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Government. I am mostly interested in the environmental impact of energy and energy related activities. I enjoy jogging, drawing, painting, anything that involves being in the ocean, and above all traveling. It was through traveling that I found my love for nature.

As cheesy as this following may sound, I'm confident this course has been one of the most influential in all of our lives. If you had any doubts, the rainforest is 1) real and 2) more beautiful than any documentary can show. Mentally and physically the course has challenged us more than we expected. The hikes up Mt Kinabalu and around Maliau Basin have been my favorite parts so far. During the hikes we saw a lot of the things we learned about (including a rafflesia!) and further internalized the importance of retaining nature whilst having an absolute blast.

Real Name: Samira Rudig-Sotomayor
Dets so far: 5