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I am a sophomore at Harvard who intends to concentrate in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. For the past three years (and since Fall 2009 in the lab of Gonzalo Giribet), I've been researching phylogenetic relationships within Macrobrachium, a pantropical genus of freshwater prawns. My biological interests range through biogeography, molecular evolution, phylogenetic analysis of morphological data, invasion biology, and host-parasite interactions. Specific topics of interest include trans-Isthmian sister species on opposite versants of the Central American Continental Divide (and the effects of the Panama Canal upon them), phylogeographic patterns in widespread amphidromous species, and trans-Pacific dispersal in tropical freshwater groups. Other academic interests include linguistics and cliodynamics.

I'm also passionate about recurve archery, Tuvan throat-singing (especially Alash), and the Uyghur language.

Real Name: Alexander Kim
Dets so far: 37