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General Location:

General notes: (about the organism that will not change over time)

  • 5-5-5 tarsal formula. 5 antennae segments with 3-lobed ends. Non-metallic, smooth, striped elytra which completely cover abdomen. 4 spines on 1st femur; 3 spines on 2nd femur; 3 spines on 3rd femur. 5 underside abdominal segments. Yellowish color.



  • 2 claws are present per leg, but the beetle tends to keep its claws together, using them as one claw. Many hair-like spines are present on femurs but do not seem to be true spines. (microhabitat: Light trap, length: 1.5 cm0.015 m
    15 mm
    1.5e-5 km
    , width: 0.6 cm0.006 m
    6 mm
    6.0e-6 km
    , date: 8 June 2010, obs code: Obs25)


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