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General Location:

General notes: (about the organism that will not change over time)

  • ht ~1.5m, big cluster growing all together almost like a grass bush, very ragged edges of leaves. no petiole-like structure, medium green, 3cm diameter, clearly visible veins, no river w/in 10m, very sunny, in totally disturbed human habitat with grass around it, strong midrub, flowers directly from midstem, at base of petals a small swollen green dot, petals appear cream-yellow, stalk of inflorescence red, outer floral color maybe yellowish-green


  • M+F



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(File:MB hostel ginger.JPG)

(File:MB hostel stem.JPG)

(File:MB hostel leaf.JPG)

(File:MB Hostel flower.JPG)

(File:MB hostel close.JPG)

(File:MB hostel dead.JPG)

(File:MB hostel bract.JPG)