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Dear blog,

Today was a quite splendid day in Kota Kinabalu. The first order of business was attempting to wake up before 10 a.m. so I could make it to breakfast on time. I had a ridiculously large plate of papaya, and was appalled to hear that many of my peers at my breakfast table are under the strange impression that papaya tastes like vomit. Oh well, more for me.

After breakfast, I traveled to the crafts market with Dyna, Sarah, Tam, Rachel and our semi-strong, supposedly intimidating bodyguards, Thasun Sopark and Dex. We ran into Marlee and Kimberly and then ventured off to the mall. For lunch, we went to a semi-Malaysian place for lunch, and I had noodles with egg and vegetables. I spent the whole meal watching Thasun and Dex cuddle. Even though I told them to stop with the PDA, they insisted that the Celine Dion music playing in the background was just too romantic. This may be why we parted ways after lunch, and I went with Marlee and Kimberly to – SHOCK – get more food! Kimberly had some delicious frozen yogurt that I was seriously considering stealing it and running away, but then I remembered that she is on the track team and that plan failed. I settled for getting a cone of soft serve.

After getting back to the hotel, there was an internet frenzy in the hotel lobby. I went on my facebook and attempted to facebook stalk Sam after I switched my facebook language to Bahasa, and then came to two conclusions. One, I don’t know Bahasa. Two, the internet at the hotel is way to slow for facebook stalking. Then I went to the room for a nap.

One hour later …

I stumbled into the lobby to the blasting sounds of what sounds like William Hung karaoke. My ears were dying. Therefore the only logical thing to do was to venture out into the streets in search of more roti. Delicious.

One hour later …

Feeling the effects of roti in my stomach, I retreated to my room and ate chocolate, while packing and playing Beyonce. Score.

Nature sightings of the day: one fly, one gecko, and one and a half rats (one was dead). That’s all folks.