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Roadkill project ends


Today was a final day for projects at Lambir and everyone was busy with their own projects. As usual, after breakfast at 7am, we went off to the road searching for 'roadkills'. But, very few animals found dead on the road today compare to yesterday results (many roadkills on rainy day!!). My project with Thasun finished earlier today. But, some groups still working so hard in the plot, doing project observations and some went oil palm plantation (Doni and the gang).

Thasun doing roadkill

After lunch, we all busy again with our project in the main room - doing analysis of the project and writing on wiki. In the evening, we have a lecture about ornithology by Scott Edwards who just arrived from Harvard this afternoon. We've learn so much about bird ecology, nest parasitology and also the bird mating system. The lecture was so interesting especially those bird lovers. Well, i guess that's the end of our day except for some (or many) that might be still working until up in the midnight preparing for project presentation tomorrow. Well, good luck guys! We'll be leaving Lambir tomorrow and back to civilization!!

Busy with projects