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Kazemde George

Today was another computer day for our Borneo Biodiversity group. I was sick and in bed all morning but while I was trying to recover, the rest of us were learning more statistical analysis using the program "R". The second half of our day was left to us in order for us to break into small groups and begin deciding on our topics for our first projects.

For some groups, deciding on an organism or group of organisms to study was easy, and for others it was hard. Beyond the focal area, defining and refining the projects seemed to be difficult for must of us, but I think everyone came up with a good question to work with. This was important because it is the work that we would be doing for the next 3 whole days. I had a project in mind initially about access to sun for plants and trees but eventually I joined a group with Zach and Pagi. We will do something with spiders but not sure what that is yet. In the morning tomorrow we will all be presenting our project ideas so we will have to think of something at breakfast...

Until then I will have to go back to sleep because my head is killing me and I really need to rest.