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About Me

Currently, i am working on my graduate study at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). I’m interested in mammals especially the protected animals, assessing their relationship, evolution and in the future major in relation to zoonoses. Current project is assessing on population of a cave-dwelling bat species in Malaysia Borneo by applying both genetic tools and morphological parameters

Focal Taxon: Orthoptera

My Focal Taxon

Lambir Research Project

Sexual size-dimorphism and weight-length relationships in two species of geckos from Lambir Hills, Malaysia

Gaya Island Research Project

A Preliminary Investigation on the Intertidal Macro-benthic Community at Padang Point, Pulau (Island) Gaya, Sabah

Maliau Basin Research Project

Leaf Driptips

Ridwan Mammals Checklist


  • Muntiacus atherodes Bornean Yellow Muntjac Maliau
  • Cervus unicolor Sambar Deer Maliau
  • Sus barbatus Bearded Pig Gaya Island & Maliau


  • Viverra tangalunga Malay Civet Maliau


  • Hipposideros cervinus Fawn Roundleaf Bat Lambir Np and NiahNp
  • Hipposideros diadema Diadem Roundleaf Bat Niah Np
  • Hipposideros ridleyi Ridley’s Roundleaf Bat Lambir Np
  • Rhinolophus borneensis Bornean Horseshoe Bat Maliau
  • Embalonura alecto Lesser Sheath Tailed Bat Gaya Island
  • Myotis horsfieldi Horsfield’s Myotis Maliau basin


  • Hylobates muelleri Bornean Gibbon Maliau
  • Macaca fascicularis Long Tailed Macaque Gaya Island


  • Tupaia Montana Mountain treeshrew Mt Kinabalu


  • Callosiurus adamsi Ear Spot Squirrel |Mt Kinabalu
  • Callosiurus prevosti Prevost’s Squirrel Maliau
  • Dremomys everetti Mountain Ground Squirrel Mt Kinabalu
  • Ratufa affinis sandakanensis Giant Squirrel Maliau & Lambir
  • Exiliciurus exilis Plain Pygmy Squirrel Maliau & Niah
  • Sundaciurus jentinki Jentink’s Squirrel Mt Kinabalu
  • Sundaciurus lowi Low’s Squirrel Mt Kinabalu
  • Rattus rattus House Rat Lambir NP, Gaya Island
  • Maxomys alticola Mountain Spiny Rat Mt Kinabalu