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   Battle day just began! 
   Wake up in the morning,
   Focal taxon and Maliau Basin Project still in my mind!!!

After we had breakfast, Cam gave his last lecture about Biodiversity Inventory Informatics. What is the Biodiversity Informatics? Biodiversity informatics is an emerging field that applies information management tools to the management and analysis of species occurrence, taxonomic character, and image data that can represent the construction of efficient use and management of biodiversity information with new tools for its analysis and understanding.

Based on that so many species in tropical rain forest (specially) is not collected yet, only have few collections or even still undiscovered so we need more taxonomist (it could be foreign specialist, national specialist, local generalist, local collectors but also students that already being trained ) to do that job and sharing information from data collection is needed to be identify to solve the biodiversity inventory crisis.

Early B'day of Le and Sreekar.

So after lecture, we did our work again "all of us kept busy with their focal taxon and data project that were needed to analyse" (Hardworking and too much thinking guys but don't forget to drink a lot of water then your brain not getting dry).

Emh... by the way, we (Serena, Mindy, Dita, Alex, Nuwan, Aywen and I) had mini early party (actually it still 23.25 so 35 minutes to July, 21st) of Le and Sreekar’s birthday because they have the same date birth day.