Project 1

Effect of Terrain Gradient on Litter Depth, Humus Depth, Root Density, & Above Ground Biomass in a Mixed Dipterocarp Forest
by Charlie, Jesse and Tim.

One gecko, Two geckos, not few geckos - but many geckos! Spatial partitioning among geckos at Lambir Hills National Park
by Mona, Ruchira and Wayne.

Comparison of Ants Species Composition between Leaf litter Underneath Dipterocarpus globosus and Ficus fistulosa
by Eka and Marcel.

Prey composition of Nepenthes pitchers in relation to pitcher morphology and habitat type
by Ian and Sarah.

Fruiting Body Density of Mychorrihzal and Wood Rot Fungal Species In Lambir National Park
by Ross.

The Effects of Light Availability and Soil Type on Forest Structure
by Megan.

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