Small discoveries that may be useful for others. Here for Search Engines to pick up.

You can just see the top of Denali from the top of the maintained Mt. Healy Overlook Trail that sets off from the Murie Science Center, at Denali NP. (2018-12-01)

netctl configuration for eduroam at University of Alaska, Fairbanks (2019-01-05):


The new Linux kernel 5.0+ causes intermittent, temporary GPU freezes (or hangs) for up to 5 seconds, on my Lenovo ThinkPad x270, running Openbox & Xorg on Arch Linux. I couldn’t find any online posts about this. I’ve since downgraded to kernel 4.20 and all is fine. Not sure when I’ll try to upgrade the kernel again... (2019-06-03)

In skypeforlinux, you can activate the developer/debug mode with Ctrl + Shift + Alt + D.

Using an (old) USB Apple SuperDrive on Linux. Thanks to this post. Wake the drive up with:

  sg_raw /dev/sr0 EA 00 00 00 00 00 01

Use eject to eject the disk.

To trigger voicemail (e.g., *95 for ACS) using a rotary phone (which does not have * or #), just record the Dual Tone Multi Frequency tones on a voice recorder, along with the PIN and #, and play it back into the mouthpiece microphone.