A quick post about getting up and running with the new Micro.blog service, which is a fun, idealistic attempt to liberate our microblogs (i.e. tweets) from corporations and promote an open web. Micro.blog reposts microblogs (up to 280 characters) that are hosted elsewhere and published using RSS. While most people will publish RSS as a byproduct of a blogging platform like Wordpress, I wanted to try this out using a manually created RSS file.

RSS format

Via trial and error, I discovered that there are components of RSS that are necessary for Micro.blog reposting, even though they are not needed for valid RSS.

A Relax NG (compact) schema is available for Micro.blog’s RSS format here.


To post, all you have to do is:

and your post will appear in your timeline (as long as the file format is valid as above).

I wrote a simple Micro.blog client (BASH script) to post to one’s Micro.blog stream (HERE).

Posting to a paid-for account

Micro.blog also offers to host your microblog for $5 a month. They let you have a ten-day free trial. It’s easy to post to this from the command line too using the ‘micropub’ standard. Just register a new ‘app’ in your account (e.g., ‘post_via_curl’) to get an authorization token, then use curl:

  curl -v -H "Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>" -F "h=entry" \
     -F "content=Hello world (via curl)" http://micro.blog/micropub

All in all, this is great fun. Many thanks to Manton Reece for putting this together, and to his Kickstarter backers.