Giving Kindle books to non-US recipients

Wanted to share another technology ‘success.’ I’ve long wanted to be able to give legal eBooks to friends in Indonesia who don’t have credit card accounts, but DRM technologies and limited copyright domains make this difficult. I tried various avenues (e.g., Google Play and Adobe Digital Editions-DRM ePubs, etc) but failed to find a simple solution. I hadn’t tried Amazon Kindle, because I knew the recipient needed their own account, and had heard that a credit card was needed to open an account. Well, I just observed a US friend, who had just received a gift of a Kindle book, open an account and receive a book, and all he needed to enter was his US address, not a CC number. So, encouraged, I explored this route.

Thus, one could attempt the following. It might work, or it might not ;-)

This method, should it be tried, would not circumvent DRM in any way. The book was paid for by the giver, and is now ‘owned’ by the recipient (i.e., within the DRM-jail of Amazon). There are no doubt some complexities of international copyright that are circumvented by the above, but these have never seemed to me to be of much moral value, at least compared to the importance of getting people in developing countries connected legally (i.e., respecting DRM) with the world of eBooks.