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I'm Thasun from Sri Lanka, a small island in the south Asia, or the pearl of the Indian ocean!!!

Sri Lanka

First I'll give a small introduction of my country: The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka measures 435 km from north to south, and 225 km from east to west at its widest. Nine-tenths of the island which has a total land area 65,600 km2 is composed of crystalline rocks of pre-Cambrian age. This is situated in the south west of the Indian peninsula about 35 km from the southwestern tip of the India.

Thasun Amarasinghe

Well! I'm now 25 years old and just completed my Bsc degree in Natural sciences. I'm a herpetologist and specially have researched on Agamid lizards for 10 years in Sri Lanka.

My research interests are taxonomy, ecology and behaviours of South Asian and Southeast Asian herpetofauna.

Lyriocephalus scutatus; an endemic, relict & monotypic lizard in Sri Lanka

I am the editor-in-chief of Taprobanica, the journal of South Asian biodiversity as well as the chairman of Taprobanica Nature Conservation Society.

Also I'm an editorial advisor of Herpetotropicos, the journal of tropical amphibians and reptiles.

Taprobanica 1(1)

I am also a crocodile specialist of the species survival commission, IUCN and member of many South Asian networks.

Up to now I have published nearly 50 international publications and presented abstracts in may international symposiums.

Actually, Harvard field course to explore the biodiversity in Borneo is a great opertunity I have ever got. Thank you very much Prof. Cam and the other staff in Harvard!!!

Actually I would like to say I had not interested in invertebrates before I reaching Borneo. But now I like especially ants!!!

Taprobanica 1(2)

Actually the Southeast Asian forests are very similar to South Asian forests, many genera of the fauna and flora the same. Actually when I enter to Borneo forests I feel like that I'm in Sinharaja or Knuckles, but the canopy is more higher in Borneo. I like lambir forests!!!

Rain forests in Lambir

And I can't believe the amazing diversity of butterflies in Borneo.

The rock formation of Borneo is sedimentary and I have never visited such massive lime stone caves in Niah!!!

Gaya island was amazing!!! Even I was born in Sri Lanka, full of coral reefs, I haven't got such fun and experience of snorkeling. But unfortunately I couldn't enjoy well last two days, because of the injury in my leg.

lime stone caves in Niah

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