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My name is Sopark Jantarit from Thailand. I am currently a beginning doctoral student at Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand. My PhD thesis focuses on “Phylogeography of cave collembola in Thailand”. The Collembola, also known as Springtails, are a very small wingless oldest insect and play an important role in ecosystem on earth. I did my master degree on the “composition of canopy ants in a tropical rainforest in Southern Thailand”. I am an easygoing person and I do have a very good affection on nature.

Being in Borneo is a very great experience of my life. Although I was born in Tropical rainforest but everything surrounding here is incredible and very much diverse. Every activity I did here is remembered for good and if I have a chance I will be here again. Borneo I completely fall in love with you, you make biologist more than words.

Finally, I am very much grateful to thank Prof. Cam and all lecturer staffs from both Harvard University and SE Asia for everything you all have done. I am very pleased from learning and knowing all students both Harvard and SE Asia students as well. Our activities have been remembered by my memory and photographs. We are born to be part that is a true story.

Take a very good care

Sopark Jantarit

me myself

My focal taxon here focuses on the honey bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) a lovely small social insect. See more detail here

At Lambir Hill, I, Dyna, and Anu were interested in studying the “Species Diversity of Ground dwelling ants in the primary and secondary rain forests of Lambir Hills National Park”

At Gaya Island, I, Dex, and Pagi did a small project on “Sand-assocaiated fish composition between the sandy patchs at the back reef and coral reef” This was a cool project.

At Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Kimberly, Kaz and I studies on the “Insect Visitors and Petal Coloration Project” This is also interesting insect pollination.

Real Name: Sopark Jantarit
Dets so far: 10