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Hi everyone! I will be a sophomore next year at Harvard (class of 2013) and am planning on majoring in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology. The natural world has always fascinated me with its complexity and beauty. I am particularly intrigued by the marine world, which stems from a love of scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and kayaking. My passion lies within the realm of conservation, and I plan on going into some sort of conservation related profession, however I have no idea what that may be right now.

At school, I am the social chair for the Environmental Action Committee, and the social chair for the Half Asian Peoples Association (HAPA). This past year, I also worked in the losos lab on anole morphology, and worked at the forum events for the Institute of Politics. However my favorite thing to do would have to be singing Celine Dion songs at the top of my lungs (just to remind me of all those good Celine Dion times in Borneo ... and of Dex ATTEMPTING to sing as well as me).

Real Name: Sachiko Oshima
Dets so far: 18