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At Niah cave, Sarawak (Photo by Juwinikh, 09-06-2010)

Hi everyone (hi olgeta),

I'm Pagi Toko from a lovely island country, Papua New Guinea. I am 25 years old. If you are a Malaysian you might think I'm from Malaysia because in Malay language pagi means "morning". I'm into my first year of Masters where I study Geometridae moths (Lepidoptera), especially their diversity, richness and community composition along an altitudinal gradient. I'm a resident student of the University of Papua New Guinea residing and doing my study with the New Guinea Binatang Research Center [[1]] in Madang Province.

I love drawing, playing rugby league, looking after pets (especially dogs and cats) doing flower gardens and traveling. Also for some reason unknown inside me, I kept thinking of forsaking my achievement and devote my life in rural areas helping people especially unfortunate youths in their education and self esteem .My personal battle is to overcome my personal barriers. I want to live a simple life but with high standards and help people.

I am interested in research and education. My goal in life is to teach and do research. I find this course to be the best for young upcoming biologists, and with no doubt students who have attended it will be world class biologists. I learned alot especially the food, dressing, language, cross-cultural background, religion and above all the course itself. I am very privileged and proud to be part of the 2010 team.

I am very much indebted to Cam and all the the wonderful staff including the trip organizers who have been very good in the course. Being my first time to travel out of my country to join an international diverse community is challenging. However, I must say that this course is the best thing of my life. I must also thank my prof. Vojtech Novotny of New Guinea Binatang Research Center (PNG) for telling me about this course and have made it possible for me to attend it. Thanks alot. I will always remember it. Once again I really appreciate everyone who are involved in this course. You are all great. Take care as you all continue your life...we are all born for a purpose and that is to help this world become good stewards of Nature through biological research and education.

Mi gat bikpela hamamas long mitim yupela olgeta na mi bilif bai yumi mit ken sampla taim. Lukautim yupela gut olgeta taim (It's a great pleasure to meet you all and I believe we will meet again in future. Take care always)

Mailing Address: Pagi Toko New Guinea Binatang Research Center, PO Box 604, Madang Papua New Guinea .

Facebook:[[4]] Email:

Real Name: Pagi Toko
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