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About Me

Hello!! I'm a junior at Harvard, concentrating in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology with a secondary field in Classics. My main interests are in animal behavior and conservation. I'm pretty much obsessed with all animals, but ask anyone and they will tell you my true love is cats. Since many wild cat species are in serious danger of going extinct I think it would be awesome to help out with some cat conservation programs after I graduate. At Harvard I also sing with the Radcliffe Choral Society and play with the women's rugby team.

Being in Borneo has been the experience of a lifetime! I hadn't traveled much before this, so just being in a new part of the world has been a real eye-opener. The biodiversity of the rainforest here is pretty incredible. I could never have imagined all the crazy plants, fish, insects, birds and mammals I've seen here. Getting the chance to hike through the rainforest and snorkel around coral reefs has really driven home for me how precious these resources are, and how important it is to protect them. I will definitely be returning home with the desire to do whatever I can to prevent more rainforest from being clear cut for monoculture oil palm or tree plantations. I will never forget the things I have done and seen here and the amazing people who I have met and become good friends with.

Real Name: Marian Morris
Dets so far: 11