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Latak Waterfall in Lambir Hills, the first time I touched the natural wonder of Borneo

Hi there, my name is Dyna Rochmyaningsih, you can call me Dyna (read: deena or dyna, either is fine). I am a graduate of the Department of Biology, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. I did my undergraduate thesis in the experimental behavior and now writing and translating books and articles about popular science. But I still love biology (including science of biodiversity) because of all the wonders that it gives to my curious minds. I applied to this course because I thought I need to learn more about biodiversity and scientific methods by which it is investigated. I have personal interest in popular science writing, mind science,and religion.


I did my Lambir project on the diversity of ants in two different habitats, I did gastropods shell morphological characters and its relationship to the wave frequency as my project in Gaya, and at last, I've been doing project on the directional awareness of Fungi in Maliau Basin.

Focal Taxon

My focal taxon is dragonfly, one group of insect that has a cool morphology. The venation and the pattern of its wings can be used as characters states in analyzing its phylogeny. Check this site for more: Dyna:Dragonfly

Real Name: Dyna Rochmyaningsih
Dets so far: 6