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If I could use three words to describe myself I would have to say "bad at self-description", and then I would argue emphatically that the hyphenation makes "self-description" one word.

When I'm not avoiding questions with sarcastic remarks, you can find me being a Junior at Harvard University. I am concentrating in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and am loving every second of it. I've always regretted the fact that I was born during an age in which "explorer" wasn't a viable career option. I have a serious case of the wanderlust and since I have no monarch to petition for ships to sail the oceans wide, I figure that OEB is the next best thing to "feed the monkey", as it were. It also helps that I love organisms of all sorts and learning about evolution. Insects are my forte, with moths(Lepidoptera), aphids(aphididae, adelgidae etc.), and wasps(Ichneumonidae, cynipidae) being organisms of particular interest. In addition to my biological pursuits, I am also attempting a secondary concentration in East-Asian Studies with a focus on Mahayana Buddhism. I am a Buddhist myself, and have always found the literature, history, and culture surrounding Buddhism absolutely fascinating.

More later...

Real Name: Christopher Anderson
Dets so far: 13