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My name is Anasuya Chakrabarty (Anu). I am from Kolkata, West Bengal, situated in the eastern part of India. I am doing my Master's in Scinece (MSc) in Zoology, from the University of Pune, Pune, Maharashtra, which is to the far west of India! I am a confused fellow, confused about life and how it works, and I do not know how to define myself or my interests. A lot many things seem to be so interesting to me, and of those I love to sleep! But I 'm sure of the fact that I love nature and the wonderful and fascinating systems that complete it. My interests in biology include too many things... from ants to coevolution to molecular biology to population genetics. I'm simply in love with ants, my focal taxon for this course is also the ponerine ant, armed with stings! I love to study animal behavior, and when I am not doing serious stuffs, I keep on watching the ants and birds.

I love reading, and my reading list ranges from novels to textbooks to newspapers and lots and lots of other stuffs. Music is something that I cannot do without,I was into Indian Classical music a couple of years back. Though I love singing, but I do not learn it professionally now.

Life seems to be so fascinating as it unravels slowly, and I am trying my best to cope up with the changing spheres of life. This course has been a life changing experience for me as of now, and am sure there are more surprises in the coming days. I have been learning so much apart from the academics, so many different people, so many different ways of life, it has been amazing.

I am going to do my PhD after I complete my Master's, but I am still unsure what I would be finally into. But I know something, I want to help people with my little nothings...I want to be the change, that I want to see! :) Oh that's too much for sure!!

Real Name: Anasuya Chakrabarty
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