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Dennstaedtiaceae (Fern)


Dennstaedtiaceae is one of the most diverse families in the order Polypodiales. This family of 13 genera and about 200 species widespread but more common in tropical region. Members of the family generally mostly terrestrial, have large, highly divided leaves and have either small, round intra-marginal sori with cup-shaped indusia (e.g. Dennstaedtia) or linear marginal sori with a false indusium formed from the reflexed leaf margin (e.g. Pteridium).

Histiopteris sp.1
Lindsaea sp.1
Microlepia sp.1
Dennstaedtia sp.1
Dennstaedtia sp.3
Dennstaedtia sp.2
Unknown sp.1

Character matrix

Using program Mesquite, 12 characters used for identification 10 species of Dennstaedtiaceae ferns found through out the trip were listed in Character matrix and taxon matrix. These characters were recorded by observation by real-eyes and under hand-lens.

Phylogeny tree and discussion

The data matrix was then exported and utilized by the program PHYLIP to create an phylogeny tree. The phylogeny tree divided 10 species into 2 groups. The first group are included 3 species of Lindsaea and Histiopteris (Linear sori-shape and pinnate leaf-division). The entire species are all in the second group (Cup-like shape and tripinnate leaf-division). At the beginning, we are going to give the Unknown species as an outgroup species, but surprisingly, the Unknown species wouldn't be the outgroup species but belong to the second group.

Out put tree

Character-state change in Leaf-division

Character-state change in Sori-shape

Individual Determined by Date Taxon Genus Species Morphotype
Indiv223 Timtam 1 July 2010 Den1
Indiv223 Timtam 1 July 2010 Dennstaedtia Den1
Indiv224 Timtam 1 July 2010 Histiopteris His1
Indiv224 Sopark 10 July 2010 Hymenoptera : Apidae Honey bee
Indiv229 Timtam 1 July 2010 Dennstaedtia Den2
Indiv232 Timtam 1 July 2010 Histiopteris His1
Indiv233 Timtam 9 July 2010 Dennstaedtia Den3
Indiv234 Timtam 9 July 2010 Microlepia Mic1
Indiv235 Timtam 9 July 2010 Unknown Unk1
Indiv236 Timtam 9 July 2010 Lindsaea Lin1