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Obs +On hill slope  +
Obs10 +Small fruiting tree  +
Obs11 +On roadside with many ferns and other herbaceous plants  +
Obs12 +in the disturbed primary forest around the trail, near a stream  +
Obs14 +Primary forest at ~1,900m on Mt. Kinabalu  +
Obs15 +Quite sunny, very near a river, basically high on a bank  +
Obs16 +on the side of the trail, underneath some large trees  +
Obs17 +somshaded area of primary forest, an upward slope of the trail, wettish ground  +
Obs18 +Sunny directly next to the cement platform  +
Obs19 +super sunny but right next to the above ground bridge leading into hostel A of the MB Study Center  +
Obs2 +Forest understory  +
Obs21 +still water in the edge of the forest  +
Obs22 +Kazemde's hair  +
Obs23 +On boards on Lambir Hills HQ porch  +
Obs24 +Sidewalk  +
Obs25 +Light trap  +
Obs3 +Gap Edge  +
Obs31 +Dinner serving table  +
Obs32 +Boards in shoe area  +
Obs33 +Porch light.  +
Obs35 +Underneath a leaf of a shrub  +
Obs37 +Rainforest edge--lowland  +
Obs38 +Lowland rainforest  +
Obs39 +Lowland rainforest  +
Obs4 +On small tree branch, about 1.5 meters from ground.  +
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