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Observation of individual Indiv125
Date of observation 2010/07/02
Observations Beetle is very aggressive and does not like to be touched. Claws and spines are very sharp, and the beetle is powerfully strong. Beetle seems to position itself defensively constantly. When upright, all legs are splayed out with front legs forward or raised off the ground. When upside-down, beetle does not struggle to right itself but remains still and overturned with all legs extended. Does not attempt to fly away. Antennae are kept tucked under head and were difficult to observe. When flat object is gently used to prod between pronotum and elytra, beetle tilts back its pronotum to pinch down hard on the object.
Observation Location Shoe area near parking lot
In Microhabitat Boards in shoe area
HasWidth 3.3cm0.033 m
33 mm
3.3e-5 km
HasLength 11cm0.11 m
110 mm
1.1e-4 km