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We need your wifi MAC numbers before KK

To find your MAC number:

  • Mac
    • Open A finder Window,
    • Open Utilities
    • Start Terminal
    • Type ifconfig
    • Find the section starting en1, then find the line beginning ether, and record the code after it (e.g., 00:17:F2:46:71:60)
  • Windows
    • Start menu --> All Applications --> Accessories --> Command Prompt
    • Type ipconfig /all
    • Find the section called `Wireless LAN' and find the line `Physical address' and record the after it (e.g., 00:17:F2:46:71:60)


Alexander Kim d4:9a:20:76:92:5d
Amarasinghe Achchige Thasun Amarasinghe: 00-24-D2-12-9E-60
Anasuya (Anu) Chakrabarty 90:4c:e5:30:c2:d7
Cameron (Nico) Kirk-Giannini 00:17:f2:f2:f1:34
Chen Dexiang 00:17:f2:46:71:60
Christopher Anderson c4:17:fe:76:8c:b1
Dyna Rochmyaningsih 2C-81-58-EC-F5-DB
Juwinikh Jupain 00-17-C4-88-8B-B6
Kazemde George 00:25:00:48:d0:e6
Kimberly O'Donnell 00:21:E9:DA:16:D9
Marian (Marlee) Morris 00-23-4E-00-CC-F0
Pagi Toko 00:26:C6:85:E7:B6
Rachel Hawkins 00:21:e9:dd:72:f1
Romadoni Anggoro 00:1B:9E:36:85:81
Sachiko Oshima 00:26:08:e5:88:84
Samira Rudig-Sotomayor 00:21:e9:df:ba:a2
Sarah Peprah 00-22-FA-E8-42-8A
Sopark Jantarit 70:f1:a1:13:a0:ee
Thien Tam Luong 00-22-69-62-06-C6
Zachary Herring 00:26:bb:02:ef:68
Cam 00:21:6A:9C:5F:7A
Cam HP C8:97:9F:12:87:F7
aa1 F0:7B:CB:16:FE:8F
scott 00:0D:93:85:EC:8A
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