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Peer review

A big part of science is reviewing other people's work, offering substantive comments and criticisms and judging the validity of the work's claims. You will review each others work before it goes to the staff for review. Please conduct the following:

  • Read the report carefully, twice.
  • Judge the validity of the arguments and logic, and offer a general comments in the discussion tab (notes).
  • Assess the clarity of the results, including figures and tables (are they needed?). General points to go into the discussion tab, localized comments go in invisible code brackets: <!-- and -->.
  • Finally, correct minor grammar and spelling directly in the text.

Remember: This is meant to be helpful, constructive criticism. Be very sensitive to how other will react to what you write. Please do not be mean-spirited, do not use CAPITALS FOR YOUR COMMENTS (= shouting), and especially if the authors are non-native English speakers, be patient and thorough. As with a real paper, the product becomes a hybrid between the original authors and the reviewers.