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General Location:

General notes: (about the organism that will not change over time)

  • 5-5-5 tarsal formula. 7 antennae segments with 2-lobed ends. Non-metallic, leathery elytra which completely cover abdomen. 4 spines on 1st femur; 8 spines on 2nd femur; 8 spines on 3rd femur. 5 underside abdominal segments. Black color.



  • Eager climber on hands and cloth, but is patient and does not attempt to fly away when handled. Grips tightly with claws. When irritated or handled too much, it clicks or hisses with an unknown mechanism (perhaps by moving its wings underneath the elytra). (microhabitat: On boards on Lambir Hills HQ porch, length: 3.6 cm0.036 m
    36 mm
    3.6e-5 km
    , width: 2.2 cm0.022 m
    22 mm
    2.2e-5 km
    , date: 7 June 2010, obs code: Obs23)


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