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General notes: (about the organism that will not change over time)

  • 5-5-5 tarsal formula. Very reduced tarsae, esp. on 1st pair of legs. No claws present on terminal tarsae. Non-metallic, smooth, striped elytra which completely cover abdomen. 5 spines on 1st femur; 3 spines on 2nd femur; 4 spines on 3rd femur. 5 underside abdominal segments. Black color. Very small horn on head.



  • Shy and slow and does not attempt to fly away. Keeps antennae tucked under head. Reduced tarsae, so it bears its weight on the front femurs rather than on the front terminal tarsae. When handled, the beetle tucks its legs underneath itself in a neat fashion. Small horn present on head but does not project very far. Beetle has difficulty climbing due to lack of claws. (microhabitat: Dinner serving table, length: 1.5 cm0.015 m
    15 mm
    1.5e-5 km
    , width: 0.7 cm0.007 m
    7 mm
    7.0e-6 km
    , date: 3 July 2010, obs code: Obs31)


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