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Bulbul, Babler, Warbler and White Eye (Sylvioidea)

Borneo has a high biodiversity of bird. Sylvioidea is a big family of Pycnonotus (bulbul), Chlorocharis (black-eye), Garrulax (Loughingthrush), Malcopteron (Babler) and Hirundo (Smallow). Research on DNA prove that these group are closely related.

Montain Blackeye on Gunung Kinabalu (indiv136) We spotted this bird during hike to Kinabalu Summit, about 2.500 m asl. Instead of having white iris ring, it has black patch around its eyes.

Individual Determined by Date Taxon Genus Species Morphotype
Indiv13 Frank 12 June 2010 Pycnonotus brunneus Pycnonotus Pycnonotus brunneus
Indiv136 Frank 22 June 2010 Chlorocharis emiliae Chlorocharis Chlorocharis emiliae Chlorocharis emiliae
Indiv137 Frank 28 June 2010 Pycnonotus melanoleucos Pycnonotus Pycnonotus melanoleucos Pycnonotus melanoleucos
Indiv138 Doni 10 June 2010 Pycnonotus goiavier Pycnonotus Pycnonotus goiavier Pycnonotus goiavier
Indiv139 Doni 21 June 2010 Yuhina everetti Yuhina Yuhina everetti Yuhina everetti
Indiv140 Scott Edward 23 June 2010 Pycnonotus flavescens Pycnonotus Pycnonotus flavescens Pycnonotus flavescens
Indiv141 Frank 19 June 2010 Hirundo tahitica Hirundo Hirundo tahitica Hirundo tahitica
Indiv142 Frank 28 June 2010 Pycnonotus simplex Pycnonotus Pycnonotus simplex Pycnonotus simplex
Indiv143 Frank 29 June 2010 Pycnonotus erythrophthalmos Pycnonotus Pycnonotus erythrophthalmos Pycnonotus erythrophthalmos
Indiv144 Doni 21 June 2010 Garrulax mitratus Garrulax Garrulax mitratus Garrulax mitratus
Indiv145 Frank 8 June 2010 Malacopteron affine Malacopteron Malacopteron affine Malacopteron affine
Indiv146 Frank 21 June 2010 Phylloscopus trivirgatus Phylloscopus Phylloscopus trivignatus Phylloscopus trivirgatus
Indiv147 Frank 22 June 2010 Cettia vulcania Cettia Cettia vulcania Cettia vulcania
Indiv148 Frank 22 June 2010 Bradypterus accentor Bradypterus Bradypterus accentor Bradypterus accentor

Character Matrix

Character Matrix