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Last night, we enjoyed watching football world cup 2010 semifinal round between Spain and Germany. Dex was my roommate, Zach, Kazemde, Doni and Alex came to our room to watch the match together. The result was not surprised us much when Spain won Germany 1-0. Unfortunately, Doni supported for Germany (next 4 years man lol, if you kept you eyes open all the game instead of falling asleep, Germany sometimes might win lol). We went bed so late around 4.30 a.m. with enjoying the game.

Life stared at 9.30. After having breakfast at the hotel restaurant, today at 10.00 am Cam introduced us to the “Orchid Room” where was located at the 11st floor of the Kinabalu Daya Hotel, the room where we use to work both project and focal taxon. We had to fill in the questionnaire and forms how we think about this course, lecturer and overall. After that, everybody was busy with the work and internet all day.

20.00 hour, everyone went out to have dinner together at the night market seafood restaurant (Rod Eastwood, Frank Reindt, and Lauren Ruane also kindly came with us). Dex, my best friend, is going back to Singapore tomorrow afternoon. “Oh…no, that’s not big fare Dex you come back home so early lol”. However, I would say that it was a delicious food and we spend time for 2 hours in that restaurant with chatting together. A small point form hardly tears of SE Asia men became a big issue when different thinking occurred. There was a big issue to how people feel when they are suffer. Most of SE Asia men seldom show their feeling when facing with the hard/suffer situations. They try to do nothing action but it doesn’t mean that they have no feeling. On the other hand, interestingly, from US perspective, crying is a good way to show what they feel in that particular time both happiness and suffering. Whatever, different kind different mind. Everything has two sides just looking on the bright side and balancing the whole thing.

Time fly indeed, in the next few days we are going back home. It’s high time to separate, how many do people cry, let’s see lol. I do believe that we are born to be part. That’s life.

“Don’t think too much” The philosophy of this course lol

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