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It was easy to forget to do this blog since I was assigned departure day, but here it is! The day was bitter sweet, bitter because our class finally came to an end, but sweet because we all accomplished so much throughout the course. There isn't much I can say other than my own experience this day, since everybody was leaving at different times. Doni had left early that morning, around 5 AM. Next it was Kim. Sachi and Sam left together around 9 something. Sarah and I decided to go to the Sunday market, and I bought a few gifts with her. When we returned it was time for tears. Soprak, and Tam left together and all that remained were there for a so long. I think Sarah was crying, again. Niko, Kaz, and Lauren all left together in a frenzy. And then around 10 o'clock it was time for Sarah and I to head to the airport. We crammed into a cab and were off. When we arrived we parted ways, and I met up with Kaz and Lauren for our 10 hour adventure in Hong Kong. I feel like I have been given the responsibility to reflect on the trip as a whole, since this is the last blog. I'll try and say something insightful.

We all arrived in Borneo not knowing what to expect of our stay. I remember the first day we came together as a group in the hallway of the Kinabalu Daya. Little did we know, this hallway would be one we come to love for it's internet, and hate for it's karaoke. But back to us. As we went around and introduced ourselves I never thought that we all would become so close as a group, not just the students, but the professors as well. And at that moment one couldn't have guessed just how much we would all gain from this experience. You could see the progression of the group as we continued our stay in Borneo. From location to location each and every one of us became more poised, confident, and knowledgeable. As we trekked through the forest we saw things we could never have imagined, and had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in such a world.We walked in to the forest as eager students and in a little over a month's time, we all walked out of the forest as scientists. When I learned about this course I was told that it was one of those life changing experiences you hear about, and I thought that sounded cliche. But after walking along the trails of Lambir Hills, "spelunking" Niah Caves, sleeping on the beach of Gaya Island, walking through the clouds atop Mt. Kinabalu, and trekking through the remote forest of Maliau Basin I can honestly say my life has been changed.

Thanks you all,

Zachary Herring