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Final presentations & party at @tmosphere restaurant


(memories recall)

Today was a very busy day for all. We have to finish everything, our final presentation, focal taxon, blog... before leaving to UMS at noon. Time past so fast, we worked, ate, and made up in hurry. That's morning.

12:30: Everybody were ready for going! All of us looked so nice today after dress up, unlike when we were in the field. UMS campus is very broad and beautiful, stay near the beach where have the nice scenery. If I was UMS student, I would "study" along the beach every sunset... ^_^ Before the presentation, I felt a little bit worried and nervous, but Zach comforted me "Timtam, don't worry, be confident, you can do that!", then I felt more ease... Thanks Zach! All of our presentation were good, but suddenly, I miss 2 of our friends: Dex and Anu, who had to leave early...

Flower group: Kimberly, Sopark and Kaz
Our purple flower group: Zach, Thasun and me
Lichen group: Sam, Sarah and Sachi
Fungi group 1: Pagi and Christ
Fungi group 2: Marlee and Nikh
Fungi group 2: Dyna
Fern group: Alex, Doni and Dex
UMS, Nikh's University
Spore group: Rachel and Nico
BOB hot-girls
Who fly higher?
BOB Boyband

16:30: We had coffee and party at @tmosphere restaurant. It's such a nice and interesting building which creative decoration and especially the floor can rotate itself. We also have time to enjoy beautiful sunset on the beach through the windows. Everybody looked tired but still happy, all know tonight was our last night together at KK. Some sang, danced, chatted and took a nap... After dinner, we gathered for receiving our certificate. Finally we got it!!! We also want to express our great thanks to all our professors: Dr. Cam, Frank, Rod, Lauren and Kinary... It should be a big mistake if we forgot Henry, our helpful friend. Ah, today was also Sachi and Lauren's birthday! Happy birthday and best wishes for you, Lauren and Sachi!!!

Beautiful sunset at @tmosphere
Last dinner together, the floor were rotating!!!
Our group photo under @tmosphere restaurant
Thanks Henry!
Finally we got it!!!

20:30: Back to Kinabalu Daya hotel. We say goodbye each other in attached. We wil leave at different time tomorrow, time past so fast again!!! Doni went to the cinema. Zach, Nikh, Sopark, Sachi, Sam and me don't want to sleep soon, so we decided walk around to the sea, stay there and talk many things until getting cold and sleepy... Nikh and me found some noodles for the night meal at 7&11.

We will leave tomorrow, time past so fast, so fast...

PS: Thanks Nikh and Dyna for the nice photos!