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Today is our arrival day in Maliau Basin. After having two day rest in KK—two days of an “old person walks” for us!—we drove to Maliau to continue our adventure in Borneo. But before we head out to Maliau, we have to know a sad news: Anu will not join us in Maliau project. She has to back to India because of the visa problem. We hope the best for you Anu! But there is a good news though, three new faculties will join us in Maliau, they are Anne, Lauren, and David. I am pretty sure they're gonna make this adventure more exciting!

We arrived at Maliau Basin at about 5 pm. The weather was nice. The sun shined so brightly while the rain beautifully fell on the dipterocarp rain forest. We are all astonished with the beauty of this pristine rain forest even though we saw many logging before we arrive here. Sam and Sachi were wondering that they were in Jurrasic Park because of the great “original” view of the forest—fortunately, the T-Rex wasn't there guys.

15 cm wingspan..a huge dragonfly!

In this first day, we already saw unique organisms here: giant moth in the dining room, giant dragon fly, and giant cicadas. The dragonfly width reach 14 cm. It is really huge and has a very cool green eyes. We were all eager to see more biodiversity within this forest!