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2nd rest days after kinabalu summit


All tim members still have abnormal style to walk. Two days for recovery still not enough to heal the aching. But, we have a good news here; some people that got sick during kinabalu hike have recovered.

We have a task to be finished before Maliau Basin Part: ABSTRACT of Gaya Island Project. It toke an hour to finish, then everybody got a real rest.

I watched movie in the Golden Cinema at Suria Sabah Mall, 5 minutes from Kinabalu Daya Hotel. It's a good place, but a little bit expensive (15 RM for a 3D movie).

Suria Sabah Mall, the movie is on 8th floor

In the evening we had a bad news from Anu. She can't got new visa for the second month in Malaysia, even she had gone to Brunai (the plan was go out from Malaysia and got visa on arrival when passed the border on the way back). We made a big dinner in a big seafood restourant for saying goodbye to Anu. Almost all of the student came that night.

In a restourant after Niah Cave observation

Tomorrow we are going to Maliau Basin at 9. We have to be ready with all gear especially to deal with mosquito and leech.