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Last Gaya project day


It is such a beautiful sunny day (unlike 2 previous days - heavy raining), starting with a bird watching at Sapi island. We waked up early, around 5am so everyone still felt a little bit sleepy. However, the island is beautiful, we saw so many birds and met a big lizard there (unfortunately, I have no photos of this lizard).

Departing to Sapi island. Everybody, smile!!!

Today is the last day for the Gaya projects, so all group are busy. Our group also worked hard with The hermit-crab experiment. We took off (burn) 30 individuals of hermit crab, measured and let them choose which shell they like. Our test is interesting but quite cruel because it seemed that the hermit crabs were shocked and stressed, but just can say: "Sacrificed for science!". Let's take a peep through others group...

Snail group - Waiting. waiting and waiting...
Fish group - "Why so serious Rachel?"
Gastropod group - Sarah: "Dyna, 3 + 2 = 5, right?"
Homeless hermit crab was confused "Where is my home?"
Crab group - Nico: "How much for 1 kg crab?" Thasun: "Don't worry. It's free!"
Our group - Hermit crab group - Nikh: executioner. Doni (left): examiner or "mearsure-man"

In the afternoon, while everybody were enjoyed the sunset, me and Sachi played in the sea. "Prof." Sachi taught me swimming, but it's seem that I am not a excellent student. Finally, at the end of the swimming class, I just can move (not swim) about 20m, however, I felt very excited and satisfied. Thank you very much, Sachi!

After dinner, everybody concentrated into the project reports. Suddently "Shark!". Ran... ran... as fast as possible to the dock, but nothing... Heard that there were some sharks, very very large, up to 0.5m. ^_^ Tonight, Alex felt not good and went to sleep very early. We stayed up to midnight for preparing. Good night my friend, and good luck for the presentation tomorrow.



P.S: Thanks Nikh and Sopark for lending me camera.