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Everyone hoped one thing that was sun shine!!! Many of our colleagues including me became refugees; because of heavy rains we lost our tents!!!

The other terrible thing is my leg injured while we were playing foot ball. It hurts a lot while walking, so planned not to go for bird watching with Frank. However When I woke up others had left except Dex.

My injured leg

Just after the breakfast we all cleaned our study hall. You can Sachi was working hard!!! And all of us were busy with drying their wet stuffs.

Sachi busy with cleaning

Then the time of presentations of each project proposals. Crish cant't wear shirts, because of sun burn!!!

Because of my injury I can’t go in to the water. So, we (Nico and me) planned to do a project also can do without going to the sea. Then we decided to analyze the diversity of sessile sand-dwelling organisms in inter-tidal and sub-tidal areas!!!

After the presentations we all were busy with pilot works of our projects.

At the evening we had statistical workshop. Then a nice lecture was conducted by Cynthia Ong, the Director of LEAP Spiral organization on “threats in Borneo”. Then we had a nice discussion on the biodiversity conservation, with the experience of each colleague, who came from various geographic areas.

Then most of us went for night snorkeling!!! But I couldn’t go, because of my injury. After that we slept early, to see Frank’s birds next day early morning!!!

Drying stuffs
Presenting proposals