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This is the third days of marine biology study. Life began at 7.00 a.m. as usual. After having breakfast, we started this morning with a lecture on “Coral Reef Fishes” by Cam. His talk covered the phylogeny of fish, ecology, and common fish in coral reefs. The highlight of this lecture was that we had to remember the hitlist of fish in the coral reefs. Cam gave a lecture on Coral Reef Fishes]]They are 11 fish hitlists that we needed to find when we are diving, which included fusilier, damselfish, butterflyfish, angelfish, parrotfish, surgeonfish, wrasse, goby, pufferfish, grouper, and mackerel fish. It was not easy to remember all of them, hence some of us needed to draw pictures of those fish. The lecture took around 1.20 hours and after that 2 groups were divided to snorkeling. Each group had 45 minutes to find their target fish. I was in the second group and we started to dive at 11 a.m. Unfortunately, the weather turned bad. There was no sunlight and the sky was covered by dark clouds making it dark. There were also big waves that made a friend of mind “Dyna” seasick. However, the water was still relatively clear so we got no problems finding our fish. I spend time only 30 minutes and decided to back to the boat. We returned to Gaya island feeling very hungry. In the afternoon, we had free time but there was a big rain. We were facing with monsoon some said. After having dinner, we ended the day with a lecture by Scott Edwards on the topic of “Multilocus phylogeography of Australian birds”. His lecture talked about the phylogeographic setting, molecular marker, case studies, and the carpentarian barrier that plays an important role in shaping bird community. Since it was raining all day and night, some stuffs of our friends in the tent got wet and then they decided to sleep in a main hall instead. We had to sleep early since tomorrow morning we need to wake up early (6.00 am) for bird study at Pulau Sapi Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Sopark Jantarit

Cam gave a lecture on Coral Reef Fishes
Ready to snorkeling
Thasun with delicious dinner
Refugee camp lol