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Lambir to KK

Spider project presentation (Zach,Kaz,Pagi), photo by Juwinikh
Flying back to KK from Miri

We had breakfast at 7:00am. I woke up an hour earlier and packed my things. Today we are traveling back to Kota Kinabalu and everyone must get ready before breakfast. After breakfast we went straight to the lecture hall for our final project presentations. We uploaded all our presentations in Wiki and each groups took turns presenting their 3day findings. The presentations turned out outstanding. We talked on diverse taxa such as spiders, ants, lizards, small mammals, dipterocarp trees and pitcher plants.

At 11:30am the bus arrived. We packed our bags in the bus and took off to Miri, the nearest town where we would fly back to KK. We went 2 hours earlier so after checking in we strolled around the terminal shops. I went to a shop where they were selling sun glasses. I wanted to buy a “secret agent” sun glass but it was expensive. Before going into the boarding lounge Juwinikh and I found a sun glass. I wore it but later threw it away in the rubbish bin.

We left Miri and arrived at KK at around 5pm. One funny thing happened during the flight. I was sleeping as soon as we left Miri airport. Suddenly I was woken up by the pilot's high pitched voice. With sleepy face I asked Marlee (who was sitting close to me all this time) what the pilot said. She said we were about to approach a turbulence and so I must fasten my seat belt. At that point I was wide awake and was already very scared. Across the row I could see Chris enjoying himself. I put on a false smile and pretended to be brave but in my heart I was praying (hahaha). I don't know maybe Marlee must have noticed that. Anyway we flew past safely. The turbulence lasted only for some minutes.

At KK terminal our pick bus was waiting which took us straight to our hotel. After getting our rooms at the Daya Hotel everyone couldn't wait to see their emails. One week seemed like a year of missing Internet. Anyway we emailed our parents and all our friends and told them about the wonderful experiences at Lambir. The next 3 days would be our rest days and that would be very interesting.