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Observing Macrolichens at Cibodas Botanical Garden, West Java

Hi, my name is Rindita Zulfikar (Dita), 25, from Indonesia. I graduated from Biology Department, State University of Jakarta on September 2007 as a Bachelor of Science. For my final research, I took lichens as a subject. The title of my final research was: Diversity of epiphytic macrolichens on the barks of Eucalyptus, Pinus, and Altingia trees at Cibodas Botanical Garden, West Java.

I fell in love with lichens since I was in second semester. Lichen is a remarkable creature that consists of two different organisms (fungi and algae) which lives as one single individual. The unrecognizable lichens make me wants to learn about it, deeper and deeper.

In Indonesia, I live in Jakarta, the big and crowded city because of its high buildings, people and traffic jam (of course). I like music, coffee, being engaged in organizations, and do birdwatching.

For this great trip on Borneo, I hope I can see and observe many beautiful lichens, birds, plants and also other beautiful creature that GOD already created perfectly. These are my projects and observations during the Biodiversity of Borneo 2009 course:

My Focal Taxon: Lichens (Graphidales)


Lambir Project: Lambir mushroom project


Gaya Project: Goby and shrimp

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Maliau Project: Stream Team