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General issues that have emerged during report correction

Writing issues

Please work to trim all extra phrases from your writing. Modern scientific reports are written in the first person (I, we).

  • If A varies, don't say, "morphology is highly variable in A." Say, "A varies" or, "A mophology varies."
  • Not "research was conducted to know," but "We studied"
  • All references in the "References" list must be cited somewhere in the text. Other material might be included as "Additional reading material," but this is not usual in scientific articles.


  • 'Correlation' is a term only used for the relationship between a continuous variable and continuous variable
  • All figures and tables should be cited somewhere in the text: (Fig. 1) or (Table 2)
  • Every figure must have a legend
  • Please create informative labels in R, with xlab="..." and ylab="...".


A common problem in published science too. If all you replicates of a particular factor occur together spatial, there are not really any true replicates of this factor, as needed in analysis of effect. I.e. Site 1 (= factor level 1) rep 1, rep 2, rep3, Site 2 (= factor level 2) rep 4, rep 5, rep 6. This problem can easily occur in small, short projects, and rather than being too harsh on yourself, just acknowledge that this is an issue.

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