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Focal Taxon: Dipterocarpus; Lambir Research Project: Local Iban Community in Sarawak ; Gaya Research Project: Shrimp Goby & Alpheid Shrimps; Maliau Basin Research Project: Leaf Driptips; Bio Diversity of Borneo; My checklist of Borneon Fauna; Me:Imesh Nuwan Bandara


Focal Taxon: Dipterocarpus

My Focal Taxon

This is the first time in my life I dealt with trees and it is a fortunate, because it turned me towards immense diverse floral component of the forests. I was really impressed by the giant Dipterocarpus trees in the Borneon forests and I started to look more closely on plants because of my focal taxon.

Lambir Research Project on "Local Iban People"

Indigenous Local community for Biodiversity conservation:Do the present Iban community in Bukit Lambir support the Lambir Hills National Park Concept?

Although I am from a biological background, actually I like to and deserved to work on community based conservation as it eventually benefits both nature and human society. When we were spending our first week in Bukit Lambir I got to know about local Iban community and I was so curious about their history and tightly bound lifestyle with the forest. So these head hunters took my heart and I did not wanted to miss my chance to work on local Iban tribes. With the enormous support my partner “Aywan” who became the translator as well, we did this project in several Long houses (ROOMA PANJANG - I never forget) in Buklit Lambir.

Gaya Island Research Project on " Shrimp Goby and Alpheid Shrimps "

Species Specificity between Shrimp Goby and Alpheid Shrimps in Gaya Island

I have been keeping fish in my residense since childhood and I like Gobies in particular. In palu Gaya, first time I got the opportunity to snorkel in ocean. I saw numerous numbers of gobies and the snapping sound inside the water was a wonder for me. When I look closely I observed this gobies were associated with particular shrimp species in their sandy burrows. Thus I got the question in my mind are they species specific? So I got to do this small study with Rindita.

Maliau Basin Research Project on " Leaf Drip-tips "

Role of the drip-tips in Tropical Rain Forests: Association of Leaf drip-tips with other leaf morphological characters to reduce the growth of epiphylls and fungi

Within few weeks I have totally turned my mind into plants and I have become a keen observer on plants. When we were in Dermakot I was in the forest with Cam. I asked him about the leaf drip-tips and I felt that it is a novel aspect to study in this huge rain forests. So I made a group with Ridwang and Douwe for our third project.

Nuwan's Biodiversity of Borneo

Borneo is the world’s third largest island situated near the equator in South East Asia. It has most richest bio diversity assemblage of Asia.The complex beauty of the low land rain forests dominated by Dipterocarpus species, Montane and Lower Moantane Forests, Heath Forests, Coastal Forests, Mangroves and Swamp Forests are home to Mammals various birds numerous reptiles and amphibians fishes and insects. In fact its uniqueness lies in the Dipterocarpus Forests. The island Borneo is blessed with some of the most beautiful diverse coral reefs. The clear waters and exotic treasurer of marine life found here. Various indigenous ethnic groups add a precious value to the island diversity too.

My checklist of Bornean fauna


Hi, I am Imesh Nuwan,an undergraduate student specializing in Zoology at University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Despite my love for nature & animals since my childhood, my "scientific" exploration of biodiversity began with me joining the Youth Exploration Society of Sri Lanka (Y.E.S.) in late 1990s, Since then I have being involved in multitudinous nature-related activities, especially with regard to herpetofauna. Additionally Wildlife management and conservation Biology I'm keen on Zoogeography, Geological history of Sri Lanka and evolutionary biology. As a member and a former president of Y.E.S. I give my superfine assistance to suffuse the message of conservation of Biodiversity of Sri Lanka by conducting, organizing and consulting Bio diversity awareness progammes to the constructive community.Browse, my website on ENDEMIC ANIMALS OF SRI LANKA.