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  • a group flickr is now set up! ID: biodivborneo09 yahoo ID: password: the usual one


  • Plan for the next three days:
    • 20 July
      • 09:00 Formal Harvard evaluations
      • 09:30 Lecture: Biodiversity informatics (Cam)
    • 21 July
      • 17:00 Lecture: Elephant phylogeography (Benoit Goosens)
    • 22 July
      • You are responsible for an early lunch
      • 12:30 Be ready to leave for UMS. Wear nice clothes please
      • 13:30 Presentations begin
      • 15:00 Teabreak
      • 15:30 Presentations
      • 17:00 Transfer to Atmosphere
  • Your work on the wiki for the next two and a half days:
    • Project 3 reports
    • Personal page
    • Focal taxon page(s)
    • Your blogs
    • Site observations
    • General photos
  • Asian students: please check the level you have been registered for (Grad or Undergrad) to make sure it is correct.
  • From Ross: When you have the internet, check out the 'biodiversity of borneo' slide show on the New York Times website:



  • Gibbon song from Gunung Palung: OGG or MP3.



  • This is the website and email address from Infinity Sea Tribe: and
  • Laundry leaves today at 09:00, back tomorrow afternoon.
  • This afternoon at ca. 15:30, we'll be taking out a voluntary trip to see a different reef (more exposed).
  • Project reports are (almost) all reviewd. Please make your final corrections today or in KK. Due by Sunday night.
  • See notes on Argumentation


  • More papers from Ross on fern life cycles and the consequences of biodiversity decline in tropical rivers. The fern paper is a very dense review but the material is interesting and contains a fair background on the more interesting aspects of their life histories.



  • I have uploaded a static version of this wiki to - you can point your family and friends to it.
  • Please check the Project report template. Note that we have removed the Closing argument section, which I have moved to a special page (named Lambir plant project (argument)). Don't worry about this page now, we'll talk about this on the island.


  • Peer review (see notes):
    • Mushrooms reviews Lianas
    • Lianas reviews Iban
    • Iban reviews butterflies
    • Butterflies reviews geckos
    • Geckos reviews water striders
    • Water striders reviews Nepenthes
    • Nepenthes reviews mushrooms


  • Tonight there will be no lecture, but I will make some logistics announcements at dinner at 19:00. The important thing is that you pack your bags before the presentations tomorrow, which will be at 09:00. Bring your packed bags to the main hall before 09:00.
  • This is your last chance to request equipment you might want on Gaya, Kinabalu and Deramakot.
  • I must photocopy your passports and tickets, if you only got 30 day visas.
  • Laundry to be dropped at 8:00 tomorrow. See Schedule for updates.




  • Today is a packed lunch day. Pick it up from the canteen after 10:00.
  • We will take in a load of laundry tomorrow. Please have it ready by breakfast.
  • Please, let's leave our shoes in a tidier arrangement outside the main office. Let's put them on the floor and bottom two steps, on the left. Thanks.
  • Please adhere to the rules about: no one alone in the forest, and signing out.
  • (Lots of rules today!) Please sign out everything you take from the gear boxes, and remember, no library books leave the main room.
  • Finished plant characters matrix.


  • Data file for lecture/lab here.


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