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Including the tag [[Category:Something]] in a page creates a classification of that page under the class Something. This is very useful for retrieving information. An automatically updated list of categories is at: Special:Categories.

Please use categories liberally. For example, please add at least this to the bottom of your home page: [[Category:Student]].

Use the appropriate category for a page, i.e. use [[Category:Staff]] on the page Cam, but not for Cam's bad ideas. This should have [[Category:Idea]]. Please use the singular for the name of a category/class.


On the page for Category:Student, you can add the code: [[Category:Person]], which establishes Student as a subclass of Person. The CategoryTree extension allows visual trees of subcategories to be easily seen. E.g., on the Category:Person page.

Linking to category pages

Note that you need to type [[:Category:Student]] to add a link rather than to classify the page itself.