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Rest Day


Back from the fun hike - a rest day - it also gave us an opportunity to work on our projects and preliminary surveys. Everyone engaged with their own teams. Me and Le spent all the day on a tree at the canopy bridge looking at a Fig tree that would be our final project; Abby was looking for Gibbons in the adjoining area; Mindy, Andrew and Fae were observing dragonflies in the stream close-by; Others were in the adjoining forests or in the conference room looking for references on the internet.

In the afternoon Le and I got attacked by a huge Wasp repeatedly, Le got stung twice, I got stung four times and Le threw the bird book from the tree in an attempt to get rid of the KILLER Wasp. We quickly went down the ladder to get rid of the wasp and to find the book. As we went down, we came across Aywen, Dr. Webb and Gary who were exploring the canopy bridge. We spent atleast half-an-hour looking where the book is and in the end le found it hanging over a thick bush and Aywen got it down by shaking it vigorously.

We went back as we had back-back lectures at 15:30 hrs by Rhett Harrison on Pollination biology and fig wasps and a lecture on the uses of Fossils by Charles Marshall. After the lectures we had dinner and spent the rest of the night making project proposals.

Charle's lecture
Le's wasp sting