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Orchids of Mt.Kinabalu
Fae & Me at about 5km along the summit trail

Day 1 - Climb to Laban Rata by Aywen

The boys woke up at about 7am and were seen packing stuffs for the ‘Most Adventurous Climb Event’, that was climbing the standing 4,095m Mount Kinabalu. Four mountain guides were hired and we (Bob2009) divided among ourselves into three groups; the fastest, medium and slowest group.

The climb started at about 0945 from the main gate which leads to the summit. The weather was cloudy and I really enjoyed the hike despite the heavy bag pack behind my back! My hiking pace was medium together with Fae. During the hike, I encountered several pitcher plants, magnificent orchids, mountain tree shrews and lovely birds. Apart from these, I also encountered several climbers from different parts of the world, whom have all given me words of support and motivation to climb up to the peak! Certainly, I am really grateful and thankful to all those that had greeted me during the trail!

At about 1500, Fae and I managed to reach the 5km checkpoint where the rain drizzles lightly. However, the rain began to run cats and dogs towards my last 200m reaching Laban Rata’s hut (6km). My entire clothing was soaked wet and my body was freezing without a warm jacket! Nonetheless, I was still able to ramble my way to the hut rapidly with a good mindset.

Arriving at the doorstep of Laban Rata’s hut, I was greeted by Ridwan whom was flabbergasted to see me in absolutely wet conditions, from head to toe including my bag pack! Hastily, he guided me into the hut and everyone was astonished to witness me in wet clothing. Serena and Jess were worried about my conditions and ordered me to change my wet clothing to dry ones immediately; Thanks for the concern (^^,). I was also appreciative to Ridwan, Nuwan and Andrew Mc D, for their kind tea offering while I was still in freezing inside the hut! It was really WARM indeed and you guys ROCK!!

After nearly an hour since I arrived at Laban Rata’s hut, the rest of the Bob2009 members arrived and I heard that both Kinari and Dita were suffering from hypothermia, and their lips turned bluish! I was traumatized by their conditions and I prayed for them to revive quickly. Dinner was served at Laban Rata sharp at 6pm.

After dinner, we had to hike for another 100m to Gunting Lagadan, where I had all my ‘handsome’ sleep whilst acclimatizing my body to the surrounding.