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preparing for the presentation.
team anemone-fish in action.

Goodbye Gaya Island!

Ooo... I can’t believe it’s already my second turn to write the blog! So... what have we done so far? Well, many things! We’ve been experiencing fresh water scarcity, snorkeling at the creepy mangrove, stung by jelly fishes... hmm, doesn’t sound much fun... ok, let’s just go to the fun part: digging sand at night to hunt for precious macro-invertebrate, looking for gobbyfish and their shrimp companion, swimming with butterfly-fishes, watching hermit-crab race, observing cucumber of the sea, playing with the aggressive anemonefish, and comparing rope ecology within the Marine Park... so much fun things to do, so little time. Now, it’s time for us to go! We left at 11.00 after finishing our project presentation, hearing a little piece of information about dolphin conservation, and unsetting our camp. We had lunch in a fancy local restaurant called Grace Point (the squid was yummy), and we head back to Kinabalu Daya Hotel afterward... free time for everyone!

finally... leaving Gaya Island.

I’m glad the project in Gaya Island is finished, but also sad to leave the Island and all of the beauty within. However, I can’t wait for our next trip! Mount Kinabalu... here we come!

PS: Good job everyone! And don’t forget Cam’s advice: “Statistic is important, but it’s not everything. Don’t get too excited if we get a statistically significant result, and don’t get sad if we get a non-significant result :)